Player Packages

So you’re interested in participating in the Putting for Presents Golf Tournament, eh? Well we’re glad to hear it! The Santa Cops Team offers several affordable player packages for those wanting to participate in the tournament action.

BASIC PACKAGE – $60.00/Player – $240.00/Team

The basic package includes all of the necessities and is the cheapest available for those looking to participate on a budget. This package, priced at only $60.00 per player, includes your green and cart fees, your tournament entry, a post-event luncheon, as well as a team photograph to show off to your golf buddies! You will also be eligible for various competition related prizes – i.e. longest drive, longest putt, etc.

THE ‘JUST IN CASE’ PACKAGE – $70.00/Player – $280.00/Team

This package includes all of the same items as our basic tournament registration package, with one exception – MULLIGANS! As a part of the ‘Just In Case’ package, each registered golfer will be provided with one (1) mulligan each to use at a time of their choosing – such as when the water level in the lake abruptly rises as you take your tee shot (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us). By selecting this package, participants will be saving $5.00 each on their mulligans, or a total of $20.00 as a team! Can’t beat that for value, right? Additional mulligans may be purchased on the day of the tournament for $15.00/each.

THE ‘SAFETY NET’ PACKAGE – $80.00/Player – $320.00/Team

Much like the ‘Just In Case’ Package, we’re looking out for you when one of those tee shots finds the tall stuff. With the ‘Safety Net’ Package, participants will be given two (2) mulligans per golfer. Now, we’re not saying you’re going to need them, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? As was the case with the previous two packages, all of your tournament basics are covered with this package – green and cart fees, tournament entry, post-event luncheon, team photograph, prize eligibility, etc. If you decide to go with this package, you’ll be looking at a $10.00 savings on your mulligans per person, and a $40.00 savings as a group. Additional mulligans can be purchased for $15.00/each on the day of the tournament. It pays to think ahead!

THE MAX MULLIGANS PACKAGE – $100.00/Player – $400.00/Team

This package offers the most bang for your buck in terms of mulligan inclusion. The Putting for Presents Golf Tournament limits participants to four (4) mulligans each, and with this package, we’ll max each of your participants out with mulligan cards. Think of it like this – mulligans are like auto insurance, but for your golf game. Sure, you could get liability coverage by purchasing one (1) mulligan on the day of the event, but as luck would have it, that would be the day your car (or your driver) decided to take an abrupt left shank into the tall green stuff… over and over again. Ok, so that may be a poor analogy, but as they say on the commercials, “Mayhem can happen anywhere”. By selecting this package, each golfer will save $20.00 by purchasing their mulligans ahead of time. The team savings is even better – totaling $80.00! And yes, you still get all of the basics included – green and cart fees, tournament entry, team photograph, post-event luncheon, prize eligibility, etc.

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