Participant Pricing

So you’re interested in participating in the Putting for Presents Golf Tournament, eh? Well we’re glad to hear it! The Santa Cops Team offers several affordable player packages for those wanting to participate in the tournament action.


The basic package includes all of the necessities and is the cheapest available for those looking to participate on a budget. This package, priced at only $60.00 per player, includes your green and cart fees, and your tournament entry, and one (1) mulligan per participant! You will also be eligible for various competition related prizes – i.e. longest drive, longest putt, etc.

MULLIGANS – $10.00/ONLINE – $15.00/DAY-OF

Mulligans are a staple of any good golf tournament, and let’s face it, this golf course sits on a lake. Buy yourself a mulligan now, save yourself a headache later.

You’re welcome.

NOTE: Players are limited to four (4) mulligans each.

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